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Welcome to the Drupal Community Event Kit

When it comes to the code, our community has become very good at building on the shoulders of giants. We have many mechanisms, information, and traditions at our fingertips that help us improve on what has gone before and make Drupal what it is today.

Community events, however, have mostly been islands of isolation. We've gotten to the point that many of the 100+ events in a year – especially Drupal Camps – are handcrafted from the ground up every time. The wheel has been reinvented many times over, so to speak. The lucky few who have run 2, 3, or more events might have an easier time of it, but those new to running events face a daunting task if they want to contribute by setting up Drupal Camps, summits, or code sprints.

"Where do I start? How do I promote it? How can I plan a budget?" and many more questions need to be answered.

We'd all rather be doing more Drupal than figuring out, on our own, over and over, how to set up and run a successful Drupal camp. Therefore, we are pleased to present the seed of a Drupal Community Event Kit!

The first, alpha version of this project is this website. It is based on the generous contribution of time, experience, and materials by a number of people and organizations throughout the Drupal world.

It is a growing collection of tools, materials, best practices, and more to help the Drupal community run events, hopefully not forget anything, and get on with doing more Drupal and getting more sleep!

- jam 19.08.2012 DrupalCon Munich

Drupal Camp Kit Roadmap

Proposed, technical plan for the Drupal Camp Kit as of 19.08.2012 at DrupalCon Munich.

Phase 1 - Munich

Goal for Munich: Collect, present. Start helping people run camps.


  • Camp Website + CI package for re-use and improvement (downloads)
  • Master timeline + sub-timelines/checklists
  • Definitions of roles/responsibilities
  • Financial planning information
  • PR & Social Media plan
  • Tips & Tricks – collected community feedback and experience.

Phase 2 - Community project: iterate, improve

Improve and consolidate the initial release, based on real-world use, more research, and testing in the Drupal community. This is a community project!

  • Test and refine materials based on feedback and experience.
  • Iterate, improve, add in the real Drupal way.
  • Plan technical implementation of the materials in code for Phase 3.

Phase 3 - COD D7

The Camp website package, currently in COD 6, becomes the delivery vehicle and workspace for camp teams in COD 7, with the addition of several tools to COD 7.

There would be a "Camp Team" area created in admin backend of Camp site. This is the workspace for the camp team. Ideally, it would preclude the need for any external tools – barring some email perhaps – and be a single, central workspace for tasks, tracking, PR campaigns, and all the rest.

Some suggested functionality for the Camp Team area:

  • Camp team roles defined as user roles. Each role receives notifications and task assignments from the site.
  • Workbench workflows allow team coordinators and individual roles to track the tasks they are assigned with notifications, approvals, milestones, etc.
  • Automated timeline tool: Set camp date on site, the site counts backwards in the master timeline and sends notifications to the appropriate roles about tasks that need doing at each phase in the timeline.
  • Checklists and timelines are included starting at the point of initial installation, similar to Commerce Kickstarter 2.0.
  • Budget calculator: enter and play with cost and income variables, including known costs (venue, catering), estimated attendees, ticket price, sponsorship variants (numbers of sponsors at what price). To enable quick, sensible set up and initial event planning. Also provides spreadsheet output if needed for bank loans, venue sign-off, Drupal Association participation, or similar.
  • Collaboration tools: Wikis, discussion streams.
  • PR campaign tools: Mailchimp module pre-loaded with some suggested messages and timelines to be customized and used by each camp team.
  • All previously included information that cannot be included as a tool in code is included in a curated content section in the Team area on the site: tips & tricks, alternative options, etc.
  • Include alternate installation options and information for code sprints and business summits.
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